25 July 2008

June 2008 PRC Nursing Board Exam Results

The Nursing board exam results for June 2008 was released.

Here's a link to check the names of the board passers.

Congratulations to all who passed!!!

24 July 2008

Youngest Mom

Watching someone give birth is one of the most indescribable experiences I've ever had in my entire life.

In high school and college, there were a couple of videos that we've watched in our Sex Ed. and Biology class. They were even in VHS format. LOL! Anyway, these videos were nothing compared to seeing a child being delivered in front of me.

The first hospital duty where I assisted in my first delivery was in a Lying-In center. These women are really something. Imagine going through labor and delivery without anesthesia? Not to mention even during episiotomy. The doctor would wait until the head is crowning and that is the time they perform the episiotomy. That way, the pregnant woman would not be able to feel the pain of getting cut.

The youngest patient during our hospital duty was an 18-year old girl. She looked so young and so afraid of what was happening. She was bleeding while she was being sutured. I cannot imagine how she felt.

Actually I know of some people that have given birth at the age of 16 but imagine my surprise when I found out that the youngest mother ever recorded was a five-year old girl from Peru. Yes, that was no typo error. The girl was five years old when she gave birth. Her name is Lina and she gave birth via caesarian section to a 2.7 kg baby boy. Don't believe me? Then read the rest of the story here.