06 June 2008

An Idle Mind = Fewer Brain Cells

I am feeling sluggish today. It's probably because of the headache that I had since yesterday plus the fact that I slept at around 8:30 pm last night and woke up at 8:00 am today. So anyway, I was lounging on my bed and was literally staring blankly into space. Then it hit me! I was reminded by our professor about losing brain cells.

You know the saying: "An idle mind is the devil's workshop"? Well, now I know why there would be a workshop in your mind. It was in one of our lectures that we were told that whenever the brain is inactive for a minimum of 24 hours, the brain cells (approx. 50,000) die. So this means more space in our brain for the devil's workshop. Hahaha!

The professor told us that whenever we are feeling like this, we should at least turn on the radio or the television. Actually any kind of stimulation for the brain would do. Luckily, it would take 24 hours for the brain cells to die if left unstimulated. I hope an accumulation of "unstimulated time" would result to brain cell loss. Otherwise, if that were the case, I probably lost a lot already. Hahahahaha!

So remember boys and girls... When you feel like doing nothing and thinking about nothing, turn on your TV or your radio or mp3 players. Mahirap na! LOL!


Rocks said...

wow..it's very informative..learned something new today :)