30 May 2008

Long locks or Bra Hooks?

Imagine a very handsome guy with his locks bouncing while he's strutting on the beach. His washboard abs gleaming from the freshly applied tanning oil but once your eyes move up to gaze on his well-chiseled face, you're heart stops and your jaw drops. You try to blink to check if you're just imagining things but it is still there. You see "man boobs". You say to yourself: "Nobody's really perfect."

The above scenario kept playing on my mind when we were discussing anti-hypertensive drugs in Pharmacology. We came across this drug called Minoxidil (generic name). The name sounded familiar but I've never taken anti-hypertensive drugs nor was I aware of anyone that I know of taking this kind of medication. Then our professor told us that Minoxidil wasn't just taken as an anti-hypertensive drug but it is also used to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth.

Minoxidil is more known here in the Philippines as Regroe (brand name). It is used by people who have alopecia AKA baldness or hair loss. The drug is applied topically. It gives hope to all the people who are bald that is NOT by choice. However, datapwat, subalit, it is said that there is a very unflattering side effect of the drug for the guys using it. According to our lecture, one of the side effects of Minoxidil is that it causes a condition called gynecomastia. This is a condition for males where there is an abnormal enlargement of the breasts sometimes causing secretion of milk. I know... WTH?!?! You might be thinking that it's okay to have bigger breasts but the problem is, it's not like those that you see in wrestlers or in body building contests. On the bright side though, according to my research online, it rarely happens when the breasts grow big that is normal to a female breast. So don't worry because you won't be like Pam Anderson or something. LOL!

Question is... Would you rather go bald OR have hair but have "man boobs"? TOINK!!! If I were you guys, I'd choose the former. Embrace your baldness. I think it's sexy! :-)