24 May 2008

During our "breaks" from our cord dressing duties, we would sit inside the DR (as instructed by our CI) and wait for any deliveries. It is at these times that I was able to observe the facilities and even the other medical personnel inside the room.

For a government hospital, I was pretty impressed when I saw the hands-free faucet that they have in the DR. I didn't know that they have it in there. The faucet is turned on using a lever that can be pushed using your knee. Not only that, even the soap (or rather betadine) dispenser is also hands-free. You just need to step on this pedal and out comes the soap from the container. This is a good sign I thought. Fabella isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is. It may just be a more "forward" hospital than other government hospitals.

My feelings of pride from the facilities quickly faded when I saw this particular medical staff (not sure what his position was but he's definitely NOT a nurse) who was transferring patients from the DR to (I think) their respective wards. He would pull down the railings of the bed and just let it fall down making a huge banging noise which in turn would abruptly wake the patient (that's been through a delivery or has undergone D&C) and then ask her bluntly to transfer to the stretcher. He wouldn't even assist the woman! It was really irritating and frustrating to see this man do his job in a really unprofessional manner. I thought the railing just slipped his hand but he did it three times.

I just hope he could read this and realize that it is not only his job to transfer the patients from the DR to the wards but also to make things more comfortable for the patient. How would he feel if his wife or sister or aunt would be treated that way. Grrr!!!