28 May 2008

Pharma Finals

Last Friday, we had our final exams in Pharmacology. It was pretty hard. I had too much coffee to drink. My hands were shaking on the morning of the exam day. I was a nervous wreck! The slightest movement made me jump. The sight of our professor entering the classroom made me want to hurl. Luckily, there were a funny moments during our exam plus our professor said something funny that somehow helped me relax.

Funny moment: 10 minutes after we started answering the exam, the lights went out. The classroom was dark and it was filled first by shrieks and grunts from my classmates. There was one sound or voice that stood out and caught our attention. It was a guy classmate of ours, we don't know who because it was pitch black in the room, but all of us instantly laughed when he said in a soft voice (almost instantly when the lights went out): "Uuyy! Pakopya!" That was really funny. We're not sure if it was intentional or he didn't think his voice would be heard. Hahahaha!! Even our professor was laughing when the lights came back.

Funny remark: Our prof in Pharma isn't new to the game of cheating. There have been a lot of techniques to cheat. A lot of sign language, facial expressions and simple hand gestures have been invented just to give the answer to one's "cheatmate". As we were taking the exam, a few of my classmates, me included, started clearing our throats and almost a couple were doing their own "ahem". Our prof then said: " Hala,'ahem' ng 'ahem'. Alam ko na yan. Isang ahem, 'A'. Dalawang ahem, 'B'." Hahahahahaha!!!

If that didn't happen, I would have probably forgotten everything. Mental block was inevitable at my state before taking the exam. I am glad it's OVER.