20 May 2008

For the Record

I don't believe this! I never thought I'd do it after all the things that needs to be done, I still made time to create my third blog. Despite the updates that I need to do on my other blogs, I would like to believe that I can update this on a regular basis.

This blog is intended solely to all my ramblings of being a student nurse here in the Philippines. And hopefully, it would also contain updates when I finally become a registered nurse. This will serve as an outlet for me and for anyone who can relate to those moments when you really can't do anything but smile and pretend that everything is peachy! I know, I know, you're all probably thinking that I chose to study nursing and I chose to become a nurse someday so I better deal with these stuff. But can I just say that I AM ALSO HUMAN. I am NOT stoic! I have feelings and it is with this blog that I can get to vent them. If not, I may end up as one of our patients. So bear with me. You might actually be amused and you might just learn something.

So sit back. Relax. Give me your arm and let me check your blood pressure. :-)


something purple said...

looking forward to your entries big eyed nars!

Dianne said...

i also have a blog of the same niche but i haven't upddated it yet.. LOL! gload to read a blog same as mine...=) you could check it out at http://littlenars.com thanks!